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Artwork by Brandi Strickland

There’s a lunar Eclipse on the celestial programme today (4.4), and it is going to be followed by interesting few days. This time the show is in the sign of Libra.

What does this mean? Characteristics and special power of Eclipse is that it always illuminates something. Wherever the special part is in our chart, is the part of life that it will affect us most. But as a whole, the sign in which it takes its place, is a strong symbolic messenger of the theme we are addressing. Arrival of the Eclipse is real and physical, but what is much more interesting for our psyche and emotional life is Eclipse’s symbolic meaning.

Eclipse hides the main source of light. When there is no bright light, we suddenly can see better in the dark. And we see things that we usually not notice. We can see shadows that are revealing what we fear, what we usually do not want to see and also stuff that we have perhaps forgotten that is there.

The chances that eclipse-periods offer are those of deeper view into our darkness. Not in a bad way. It means that we can finally see what is stopping us from being free and out there, ‘playing in the Sun’. Our Sun sign is what we are supposed to live and express and explore – but how can we, if there’s hidden things, that we don’t know about ourselves, stopping us? In this sense Eclipses are powerful tools that can reveal our obstacles. No more tripping over in the dark!

Imagine yourself in a room. Room has huge window-wall, covered by curtains and the electricity just went out. You don’t know where the switch is and where the windows are. You get confused. The room seems full of obstacles. But slowly, as the darkness settles, you start seeing things. You notice shapes, forms and different things that you don’t normally see. Your eyes can see the room in a totally new way. You notice how the sky is peeking through the gap in the curtains, how the clouds reflects moon, how the lamp looks like a tall woman with a funny hair, how the TV looks like a sea-surface, reflecting stars. Once the obstacles are revealed we can walk safely and with confidence, dance in the dark and even get comfortable in it. We can see when the daylight comes and look into the future through those huge windows. In the dark we adjust and we can move without stepping on those hidden Lego-pieces with our bare feet – and missing the big picture because of those small nuisances! The whole view can be treasured and seen from another perspective.

Lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra is all about relationships. It is also connected to its opposite – Aries. So the big thing that is asked from us is to look at the Shadow from both sides. Be a friend with your enemy for a moment, and see what it’s their story. Surprisingly often they have a lot to do with our own extremes. The shadow side of Libra is that it is hard to make a decision. The shadow side of Aries is aggression and impatience. So the idea is to find the –boring, yet refreshingly new- middle ground. Where? Libra Eclipse will illuminate exactly where our unbalance is if we pay attention.

It is not about middle ground that satisfies no one. It is about the middle ground that brings the win-win-win situation. It is about a conscious decision, that we love ourself most, and yet love everyone else enough, that we want to make them happy, too. It is about very important moment in our lives, when we care as much about other as we do about our self – and the other way around.
Impossible? Not. Intense? Yes, very!

It is about picking your battles. Most of the fights are really about nothing important, but there’s a huge need to be ‘right’ in the air right now, and it is hard to resist. Avoid bullies, but stand up for the right thing and stay in your own energy. Define your borders. Respect others. The secret is to look at the other person as someone that you would like to make happy. It is not about finding an immediate answer, a winner to an argument or solution to a problem. It is about sharing who we are and how we are and … communicate, communicate! Libra likes to communicate. To be human and humane.

This Eclipse is an invitation to reflection. It is not so much about what is perfect or what is not, it is more about what are we prepared to see and accept and live with. It is about accepting our own imperfection, and with that, allowing others, to have flaws, too. Sometimes, paradoxically, it is easier the other way around – to accept others first, then our own imperfect self. Whichever way it is works for us, we should deeply consider it. It may make us feel alone or even lonely. It is the symbolic lack of outer light that does that to our psyche. But to understand our weaknesses – what a powerful tool!

With all the celestial boogie-woogie of last few years, this is the last push of this size. It is the last few weeks when radical change is easier and we have support in this chaos. After the beginning of the April, things will be supported in their steadiness, not so much change. But whenever we want to change something, we usually procrastinate. The balance is disrupted. We want for things to stay the same, enjoy the familiarity. We also want to go into the New, to live our dreams and bring the fantasy to life. We know that this takes work and time, but we are unwilling to be ‘work in process’, when we do not know what exactly ‘the work’ is. It is annoyance to commit our ego to a somehow more sacred cause. But the elimination of ego is not the task here, instead, its purification, an alignment with a deeper source of wisdom. Is there such thing as common wisdom? Perhaps we should find it.

Previous eclipse in Pisces asked from us to look deep within our own unique life purpose. If you want for it to work, those messages must be heard. It is a message from within. Trust what you know it’s true and your inner wisdom. But this time, the wisdom is not the wisdom of a loner. Libra is asking from us to keep looking at both sides now. Adjusting a little. Trusting the process.

An African proverb says: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. This, also, is the wisdom of Libra.


Tina Turk is practitian of analytical psychology and psychotherapy in her private practice in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is interested in psyche, symbols, arts and somatic work, especially with trauma-related problems.

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