Analytical Psychology – Jungian analysis

Through dialog (‘the talking cure’) it is possible to better understand some of the underlying currents that shape our life. Analytical psychology views human life as partially driven by unconsciousness in form of unresolved complexes, unbeknown motivations and trauma. Some of these experiences are based in childhood and are trying to be properly integrated. By connecting with unconsciousness through dreams, true imagination, memory and the capacity to play and be creative with our life, the therapeutic process can start and the healing can take place.


The emphasis, however, is on the future and present. What are the inner tensions that are causing one to suffer and how can they be resolved? How can we bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious and have a good functioning flow between the two worlds?

According to Jung, human psyche needs to find meaning also on symbolic level, not only in daily functionality. Paradoxically, the more meaning we find in life, the more functional we are.

We need not to be affraid of our unconsciousness, as it is the bigger and stronger part of us and guides us well, if we listen.

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