Regenerate your passion

František Kupka, Ballad of Epona

This week’s full moon in Scorpio is all about Truth. Scorpio seeks truth on personal and other levels, so this is the time, when a lot of secrets might decide to find the light of the day and release its burden. It is about emotional truth, about living the core of our personal honesty. It might not be easy, but it is always extremely rewarding and if done with care and love also very healing. It is time for our mind to meet our values and realize that we must be on the same page with ourselves. Use logic, but do not abuse it to supress the emotions!

It is about deep shifts that force us to go to next chapter of our lives. The times to wait for better times are a thing of the past, it is in the Now that our fortune is waiting for us. This does not mean that we should not deal with the past, we really should reflect the past – just not return in it.

All we wanted and needed is available, and we should realize this a.s.a.p. as far as celestial orchestra is concerned. The situation ‘above us’ is hinting strongly that ‘meet and potato’ of our life wishes is available and ready. So what should we do? We should do our homework, check our history, learn from it but not drag it along as a dusty old suitcase full of useless junk.

There is another side of Scorpio that is highly important – its potent talent for revitalisation. The Universe is calling us ‘back to life’. It is reminding us that we need to dance a bit, chat a bit, have some fun, not take ourselves too seriously – yet really very much do what we need to do for our most inner self. Indulging is sometimes extremely important, because it makes us feel alive. Think where you have not being nice to yourself and then give yourself a treat!

This time is about being faithful to our truth and accepting that of others. We can always distinguish between person and their story, if we are attentive. People tend to identify with their stories, but stories make them how they are, not who they are. It is our responses to what happens that make us a person of value, not the overdose of events. Some people have lived through a lot and they are still blind for all that they could learn from it. So we need to be present. We need to be with what is happening to us, specifically. We can accept the person, but we don’t need to subscribe to their story (especially if it is a lot of BS, which often comes in such times of change, when people are scared and lose touch with themselves).

Scorpio is clear about that: we need to disengage from what is slowing us down. And Scorpio is clear about one other thing: what is slowing us down is not coming from the outside world. This check-list is our personal matter. Sun in Taurus is helping us to keep things real, and do it thoroughly. Scorpio moon will bring the intense wish to get things out on the table and deal with them. Mercury should give a helping hand and be brisk and light when needed. Jupiter … well, he is always all up there for positive changes, but at the moment reflecting on our emotional depths. Slowly but surely we will need to be true to ourself, no masks are doing the work anymore.

Now all the tensions of past few years is slowly becoming a faraway memory there’s no need to bask in it. If we move on and do the work there will be new horizons opening we never dreamed of. ‘Moving on’ is dealing with your past first but not living in it. People can stay, the meaning and importance we give to them should, however, change naturally and adjust to our core self. If we deal with ourselves the rest will follow.

Living our divine passion – that is the Path that universe is supporting. But Universe is not above some hard work. Are you?

Tina Turk is practitian of analytical psychology and psychotherapy in her private practice in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is interested in psyche, symbols, arts and somatic work, especially with trauma-related problems.